Alexa Skills developed during the production of this Master’s Thesis. To used them you need to have an enabled Amazon Echo and an Amazon Account.

If you don’t have an Amazon Echo, you can still check them out using an emulator like EchoSim.  

Help Me Decide

Don’t know if you want to wear shorts or jeans today? Or if it’s better to get pizza or sushi tonight? Stress no more! Help Me Decide can make your life easier by making all those trivial but boring and stressful decisions for you!


Walked the Dog

Living with multiple roommates or with a big family, it sometimes gets difficult to know if the dog went of its walk already. This skill helps you to keep better track of this.


Watered the Plants

Living with multiple roommates, or with family and have problems tracking when was the last time someone watered the house plants? Don’t over-water or let them dry-out anymore! Just install this skill that helps you keep track of the watering of your plants.


Darmstadt Tips

Skill that provides short tips about the German city of Darmstadt, in the state of Hessen.



Hessen Trivia

Test your knowledge of the German state of Hessen with this fun trivia!