A Master's Thesis

The Internet of Things has become a common topic in the technology industry, even though its roots can be tracked to decades ago, it didn’t make an impact until the last few years with the dawn of the smart-speakers and smart-home appliances. This paper explores the origins of the industry and analyzes the current usage costumers give to the available devices. This project involves phases of:


Understand the history and main traits of the IoT industry, getting a deep grasp of its influence and possible future.


Learn about the consumer's current opinion and ways of interaction with IoT devices and services.


Design and develop prototypes of applications and devices that can help to accelerate the adoption of the IoT and improve our lives.


This website serves as a platform not only to collect but also to publish information regarding my research. Please feel free to use my publications for your own investigations.

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Ronald Norori

Master's Student from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

I'm a student from the Master of Leadership in the Creative Industries. Originally from Honduras, I'm currently settled in Hamburg, where I work in a semiconductors industry global corporation.

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